Monday, November 20, 2006

Santa Who?

Last year, much to my surprise, Kyle told me that she does not want Cobalt to know about or believe in Santa. I can't really remember which it is, but either way, I think it's kind of silly.

Me, I'm more or less a scrooge. Or at least for the last 30 years or so I've been. Whereas the missus is all about the holiday...singing carols, decking the halls, shopping, giving gifts. So now that it's almost the official christmas season, and time for me to be intoxicated for a month straight, I've been thinking a lot about this again.

Fortunately for us, it seems the kid is infatuated with snowmen. We've seen them out a few places like the zoo and on doors. And every time he sees one, he goes apeshit. It's incredible! It's his new big thing, after lions (roar!), a-bi-das (pumpkins) and motorcycles. So maybe that'll be the big mascot for us this year.

But the question I have is where does the love of the snowman come from? We live in California for fuck's sake. Last year we were in Boston after the storm, but I don't remember seeing any and I'm sure he doesn't. Maybe its the Boston-Chicago genes of his folks.

Anyway, not sure where this is going, but it'll be sure interesting to see.


Dutch said...

luckily, you live two and half hours down I-80 from all the snow you could ever want, eh? Do you have chains?

2Dogs&aBaby said...

Never gotten the chains. Might have to this year. We've got friends with passes to Kirkwood and also friends with beds up there.