Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Halloween follow-up

Cobalt sent a little note to Kyle's boss, apologizing for breaking his vase. Bill sent this reply...

Hi Cobalt. Howyudoin? Hey,, I just opened your note tonight when I found it in my sportcoat pocket. I guess I put it in my pocket last week at work expecting to open it when I got home. It was great having you here last week. We hardly ever have interesting people like you over cause my kids up and went and got too darn tall. Short ones are a whole lot more fun. Actually, they are just as interesting at any age, they just get different, but equally challenging at any age. Now for instance, my son just decided (after $32,000 of flight time), that flying is too boring for him. You wouldn't do that to your parents would you? . I suggest you pick something nice and cheap like Neurosurgery.

Ok, back to Halloween, not to worry about a stupid pot, stuff happens all the time. I can tell you for sure that my mistakes cost a whole lot more than a pot, and a even a whole lot more than my son's escapades.

Have a great week, I will be in DC on work and visiting my perfect
Daughter (all daughters are perfect)--you won't need to remember that, cause your mom will remind you.

Some day when you make a pot in school and it's not worthy of saving in your memorabilia box, send it my way and I will but it on a the shelf

Come back next year but wear Michigan colors, not Stanford

Uncle Bill

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