Monday, November 13, 2006

Cars, Trucks, a little art and a whole lotta love

On November 10, 2006, Cobalt turned 2. Kyle and I took the day off from work to hang out with the little guy. We had a fabulous day. We let Cobalt sleep in, which allowed mom and dad to have some "adult time" in the morning. After he got up, we took him down to Bean Bag for breakfast.
That afternoon, we took him to the zoo to see the Feeding of the Lions. However, we did get to see the Feeding of the Penguins, although not as cruesome, it was still quite fun for him. Cobalt did get to see the lions, but they had pretty much had their way with the bunnies by the time we got there. All that remained was some fur and a little hamburger. Cobalt loved the lions so much he kept running in and out of the feeding house until they closed us out.
He didn't nap that day, and he fell asleep on the way down to the zoo. However, being the good parents that we are, we decided to wake him when we got there. It was a calculated risk, and one that paid off. He loved the small primates, jumping around in their pens. The giraffes in the "african safari" area, or whatever the fuck they call it, were a hit, too. He even got to go to the petting zoo and feed the sheep. I think that was just a little too much like feeding the dogs and the thrill wore off pretty quickly. But he loved all the other animals, and go to see an owl eat some kind of dead fleshy thing, as well.
The next day, Saturday, was truly the Big Day. Dad baked a cake and mom decorated it, as only she can. This time, instead of an abstract piece of art she made the truck you see above. I've gotta say, that it turned out a hell of a lot better than I had expected. (She's really got a talent, that Kyle!) I also made the biggest lasagna I'd ever seen, but neglected to take a picture of it. We decorated everything with the Co-2 symbol you see at the right. Even the lasagna!
Anyway, the party was a blast. His oldest friend Zuby came down with his brother Benny from Ukiah. Sidney and Ian were of course there, as well as the ever-so-stylin' Beckett. His new friends Evan and Chloe brought their folks, and little Radlee is no longer little.
It's fun to watch the interaction of the young ones. At first, they are shy and cautious, most clinging to their parents. But after a while, once they realize that they are stuck with each other for the next few hours, they seem to loosen up. There was lots of running around, screaming, crying, laughing. The house was full and full of joy. The food was good, the beer and wine were flowing, and the cake was a hit.
In the end, Cobalt made out like a bandit with gifts or cars, trucks, trains, Darth Potato(e) Head and more. We're even thinking of cancelling christmas, but I doubt that will happen.
Thanks All and Happy Birthday, son!

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