Friday, October 13, 2006


Last night, I realized why we have such things as strollers...

I got home from work a little early last night, so I picked up the dogs on the way to get Cobalt from school. I figured that we could go to the playground or take a walk (I've been needing the excercise) after we picked him up. Well, I must have had my head up my ass in the garage, 'cause I didn't notice that the stroller was there and that Cobalt did not have the stroller at school.

Upon picking up the little bugger, we decided to brave it and go ahead and hit the playground. We made it over there alright, had fun and got dirty at the playground. The dogs even made some little premie kids happy by allowing a loooong and tenuous petting session to take place.

Then it became the time to leave...

After giving Cobalt a few warnings that we were going to have to go home to bake the bread that was proofing on the counter, I made the move to leave. You'd have thought that I was trying to pull his fingernails out, slowly, the way he was wailing. He kicked as only he can kick. He even pinched my face so hard I thought I was going to bleed. Finally, I pulled him up and tucked him in my arms like I was the Heisman Trophey, unleashed the dogs and made and end run.

It only took us about 1/2 hour to make the 5-block walk. Battered and bruised, we finally made it. And the bread? Fabulous. No pictures, however, as the comera fucking broke and I have to send it back to Canon for repair/replacement. I will NOT be buying another Canon.

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