Monday, October 23, 2006


Now that Cobalt is "talking" a bit, he's decided that his name is to be "Bobalt". Don't know if he actually knows what he is saying, or if he is mimicking our intonations, or if he just can't say the hard "c".

In other news, he can count to five this way: two...five...two...five...two...(yay!, clap, clap, clap)

Too cute.


Jonathon said...

I remember when Little-E was at this stage. She still counts items on a page to 10. Every time. No matter how many are there.

She'll point to the first five or six (say it's a picture of 6 cows), and then just keep counting the same few over and over until she's reached the number she wanted in the first place.

It's awesome!

2Dogs&aBaby said...

Yeah, totally! We are just happy he's finally getting his vocabulary up. He's a big kid and even though he doesn't appear to be dumb or anything, in fact he seems intelligent, most of his friends developed their vocabularies earlier.