Friday, October 27, 2006

Broken Glass

Last Saturday, Cobalt put his fist through the front window.

Luckily, he neither cut himself badly or fell through. He's had this habit, that we were never very fond of and always discourage, of pounding on the windows with his hands or any object he may have in them. This incident took place, while Kyle and I were outside trimming the big tree, in order to get more light into the back yard. Cobalt was inside playing with Rui, our homestay student from China.

I had escaped into the garage to get or do something, and when I came back out, Kyle came running out for me to come inside. She said that Cobalt had broken the front window. Apparently, Rui was about to get in the shower and she heard the glass break. I was right below the window and didn't hear a thing. Cobalt didn't scream or cry, amazingly. He apparently just went about his business.

Lucky for him, he ended up with just a little cut on his finger, that did require a bandage, but didn't require a trip upstairs to The Dr. (Uncle Pat) or to the emergency room.

Luckily for us, we had a window that sort-of fit to replace the broken one. Previously, we removed the window between the kitchen and the laundry porch. That window was about 1/4" wider than the one in the front. (You see, all the windows in this place appear to be custom size. I don't think that we even have two identical!) I decided that it would be easier to trim the wood frame of the window than the glass itself, as the glass is old and kind of fragile. So I spent the next couple of hours, trimming and fitting the window back into place.

So much for a relaxing Saturday.

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