Monday, September 11, 2006

More Opera

This past Sunday was Opera in the Park. I forgot my camera, so forgive me for not getting any pictures up. The weather was fantastic, I even ran around showing everyone my big fat white hairy belly. Cobalt was fantastic! Only ate (or tried to eat) the neighbor's picnic food twice. He had no tantrums, was very quiet the whole time, and learned how to buckle the buckle on the stroller. I couldn't have asked for a better day out of the kid.

A strange thing, though, happened as I took him for a walk around the park during intermission. You see, he and I went barefoot. Well, we are in SF, and it was a beautiful day, and well, have you ever tried to put shoes on Cobalt when he doesn't want them? Anyway, we were walking around like a couple of hippies, just enjoying ourselves and the little bit of excercise and minding our own fucking business. A number of people we passed, however, made snide remarks about his feet beeing cold, or careful of the grass, etc. Fuck them! It's my kid and if he wants to walk around barefoot with my permission he fucking can. He's not cold, he hate's shoes and has leather soles, and mind your own fucking business.

Sorry about the rant.

Next stop, another ball game on Wednesday. I think he's really going to enjoy the slide this time...

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