Saturday, September 16, 2006

Ham and Potatoes

Last night, after putting hime to bed, Cobalt got up and started crying. We were in the backyard, enjoying the clear skies and fresh air. We put him back...he got back up. Turns out, he had a poopsie-diapie.
While I was changing him, and we were holding our noses and saying, "stinky! stinky!", I asked him what he had for lunch that made him so stinky. Well, he started to mumble and I could swear that what came out of his mouth was that they had ham and potatoes and that it was "mmmmmmmm".
Now, maybe I was halucinating or just had wishfull thinking, but I think he really did make that statement...of coarse, it could have been hamburgers with tomatoes, too.

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