Monday, September 11, 2006

F***ing Dogs

Ok, so we got asked on Labor Day to dogsit a coupld of dogs that we've sat before. As it turns out, we have these dogs for almost 2 whole weeks! We've taken these dogs in before, and always have little problems with them, but we can usually deal. This time, however, I think the problems are getting bigger and I don't know if we can deal anymore...

Dog A, who has bitten my toe before and sent his mother for stitches twice, bit Cobalt the other night. The dog was lying on Cobalt's bed and Cobalt went over and gave a pat and he put a whole in the kid's hand. Nothing bad, but there was blood and this is entirely unacceptable. This dog has a 4 month old baby at home, and once the kid get's into the discovery age...look out! I hope he doesn't lose any digits.

Dog B, whose only usual problem is pissing on furniture or the floor, has taken to eating the back door. Now that we have a yard, we've been putting the mutts in the back yard during the day with Teeva, so as not to cause any distress or destruction. Well, the door is fuct but fixable (I hope) and I've installed some gurads to hopefully prevent it from doing any more damage.

I fucking hate small dogs!

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