Saturday, May 06, 2006

Black Jellybeans

Last night, we went to an opening for Julie's cousin, Teddy at the John Spence Gallery here in San Francisco.

Cobalt was fairly well behaved. He ran around a bit and liked one sculpture in particular, which was a square with a hole in the middle. He also got to run around with a little 19-month-old named Hugh. To quote Hugh's father, "We named him Hugh so he'd never sleep alone. But with a name like Cobalt, he'll never sleep alone, either."

In addition to having wine, water, pellegrino, etc for refreshments, the gallery also had a fishbowl of Jellybeans. And thanks to's easter gift this year, Cobalt loves jellybeans. After eating several, his hands became quite sticky. These must have been the Brach's brand, because they melted in hands. So in order to try to break his new-found addiction, Kyle decided to let him try a black one. Now personally, I don't like the black jellybeans as they taste like licrorice. The only person that I know that likes black jellybeans is my mom (a.k.a.,

Well, the little experiment didn't quite yield the results we expected. Cobalt actually couldn't decide if he liked it or not. Instead, he kept pulling the black jellybean in and out of his mouth. The dye in the jellybean was so strong, that for the rest of the night, his face and hands were stained black. If you were to see his hands afterwards, you'd swear he had been working on his car.

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